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Face Mask Pattern + In the Hoop Embroidery Design Files 3 Sizes Cotton Fabric Reusable PDF Sewing Pattern & Tutorial Digital Download ITH

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** Face Mask**

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DISCLAIMERS: There is no guarantee that this mask will protect people from any viruses. Its most important use is preventing people from touching their faces.
I have received the criticism that this item should be offered for free at a time like this. I would like to explain to these persons that:
- I worked very hard to develop a technique that will work for people with no sewing knowledge and to put together a very detailed and easy to understand tutorial.
- Being a seamstress is my full time job and I have toddler children to feed.
- What I am offering here is not just a paper pattern but also embroidery files that require highly expensive and specialized software to draft.
- Making these files available online imply time that needs to be devoted to customer service. I am committed to answering any questions about the project as quickly as possible.
- When the present crisis is gone, the price for this pattern will go up to $3.99 (my standard price for "in the hoop" projects).

On another note, this pattern will allow you to make a VERY easy, double-layered, eco-friendly, zero waste mask. You can even make it if you just started sewing or embroidering.

These are the materials you will need:

- Either 1/8" or 1/4" elastic cord or regular flat elastic (I think the best would be 3.2mm wide).
- With 1 fat quarter you can make 2 adult size masks or 4 children size masks.

This bundle includes both, a traditional pattern with paper pieces in 3 different sizes
and also the embroidery files to allow you to make this as an "in the hoop" project using your embroidery machine.

The included embroidery formats are:


It also includes a PDF file with the instructions with step by step photo illustrations.
It comes in 3 sizes and fits the following hoops:

5" x 7" for child size
6" x 10" or larger for woman size
7" x 10" or larger for man size

Let me know if you need a customized size and I will do it for free.


You can use these files for items that you sell (no quantity limitations). You are not allowed to resell these files as your own.
Please let me know if you have any problems with the file, I am always very happy to help.

These embroidery files and pattern are the copyright of Erica Horsley from Luminaria Designs.

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